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By: Jhonson A. Sutanto

Mr. Silvanus ginting, SE

Governor of Bank Indonesia is often mentioned in the media that the market is very difficult, so that the rupiah exchange rate are to a long number Rp.12.000 per US$ 1, and is feared to reach a range Rp.16.000 per dollarnya. At present, we can see in print or electronic media, the price of the stock market continues to decline. Commodity market price to be decrease, the market price of oil continues to go down, etc. Therefore, the authors want to write about how the market actually is. Although we always hear the word market, however, still many people who do not understand what meaning market. Common people, economists and actors in the market, must understand well how the market is actually in order to avoid a large suffered by the perpetrators of the market. In general, the market can be defined as a meeting place between the buyer and seller. In this market, going negotiations on the price, so that finally there is agreement the price of a goods and services and it is referred to as the market price.

In the illustration above, we see is the price that is very simple, and the price is only determined by the two sides, namely buyers and sellers. In a broader scope, the market is influenced by many parties, either directly or indirectly, so that markets can not be predicted by anyone. Because it is invisible hand that regulates the market, whether the price will rise or descend.

So in this market, each actor must take the market intuisinya well. Many factors that can affect the market, among others, the amount of supply, demand levels, weather conditions, natural disasters, society consumption patterns, changes in income (purchasing power), factors psikolgi the perpetrators of the market and many more other faktor2 affecting the market. However, the market explained that, in general the market is quiet, but sometimes the market can ferment. Like the sea that the tsunami was, no one is able to withstand the tsunami waves, as well as this market. That we can have only avoid the wave of the tsunami page. A good understanding of the market at least can prevent or reduce the loss that big.

Then, how does the market economy against an individual or institutional business?

When the market is stable, the economy will continue to grow and develop, produce goods and services increased, so also with the value of export goods. But many of the business transaction of business without considering the principles of circumspection. In generally, the market would like to search for every advantage of a transaction, but in any event, merka may suffer losses even though this is not wanted by them. They see the market is a situation that is stable, calm, no flaming, and they do not reserve to overcome the fluctuation in the occurrence of market. But, once the market ferment, then there will be a lot of economic actors who fall in the market. This can be seen with the decrease in export value, in the banking liquidity drought caused by bad debts, harga2 shares anjlok in the capital markets, and also can cause a domino effect which is called as the economic recession. The principle of circumspection must be applied by the perpetrators of the market referred to as conservatism. This principle, among others, include: the action or make a backup reserve for things like unexpected alteration market to the extreme; create a diversified investment (do not put all eggs in one basket).

Whether the actual losses that can be caused by the market?

Market can provide a very important impact in the economy. Profits and losses can only be perceived by the perpetrators of the market. The state of the end-end inil experienced by the market in the world and experienced by our country is called the global crisis that multiplier effect to all aspects of the economy. In the current global crisis, where markets can not be predicted by anyone, many people before the global crisis has an asset value in the form of portfolio hundred of billion rupiah. Suddenly, the market crisis was aktivanya and can go down to 60%. The Genesis is making a lot of people to be stress and even there until you finish the hidupnya.sedemikian dahsyatnya the influence of fluctuation of the market value of property or a indivitu institutions so that the author was interested to bring this article as a reference in order to add insight to overcome the shock of the property market or each property. A good understanding of the market at least can prevent or reduce the kerugian2 that is not necessary.